Illustration, Entrepreneurial Design, Toy Design

Moodsters is a collaborative project that started in The Hatchery, Tyler School of Art’s very own design incubator. The idea was to create a toy that appeals to not only children, but lovers of beautiful toys. When the nine wooden blocks are put together, they can form 6 different emotional monster faces, which in turn could help autistic children develop facial recognition skills. Or, you could buy this for yourself, mix and match the blocks, and let your inner child have some fun.

Designers: Madeleine Persson, Cassandra Reffner, Melissa Walsh, Joe Wanovich
Art Director:
 Bryan Satalino

Institution: Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Photography: Austen Hart

ANGER | designed by Joe Wanovich

SADNESS | designed by Joe Wanovich

SURPRISE | designed by Melissa Walsh
FEAR | designed by Madeleine Persson
DISGUST | designed by Madeleine Persson
HAPPINESS | designed by Cassandra Reffner